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Now that you have considered installing attic insulation in your home, congratulations. You are on the right track. This decision is accompanied by a wide range of benefits such as: improving the comfort of your home; curtailing your energy consumption every month; it also lowers your utility bill. For a lot of homeowners, boosting the total effectiveness of their homes is becoming very important.

Installation of attic insulation is far beyond just filling up space. It is about sealing up the attic space appropriately. It is also about proper insulation and ventilation. This further leads to guaranteeing outstanding energy efficiency in the entire home.

It is beyond blowing insulation into space. Comprehensive insulating includes an effective air barrier and a suitable vapor barrier. It will guarantee that air direction is regulated and air moisture is not permitted.

There are various kinds of insulation that can be installed in the attic, they are:

  • Spray Foam Insulation

For several attics, we recommend spray foam because it possesses air sealing properties built into its system. When sprayed through the attic cavity, it establishes a dense foam envelope that seals and insulates all the nook and cranny. When professionally fixed, specific spray foam applications will provide a very effective air barrier, vapor barrier, and insulation barrier at once.

Homeowners who choose spray foam are making an outstanding long-term investment. It is a one-time application seal that insulates the whole attic space like no other. The completed area is more energy-efficient than any other product compared. Although spray foam can be more expensive than others, the seasonal energy savings will offset a lot more than the initial project cost. It can also be used for coating the attic floor for air sealing, and another insulation type installed on it.

  • Fibreglass Or Mineral Wool Batts Insulation

Some homeowners may find fiberglass or mineral wool batts as an ideal insulation option. The batts are produced from different materials, including a large amount of recycled content. They are strategically installed all through the attic space. Both fiberglass and mineral wool batts are not expensive kinds of insulation options. They provide exceptional energy effectiveness when installed in the right manner. As similar to others, the attic space has to be sealed well for utmost efficiency.

For this insulation type, we recommend you include a professional touch because of its dainty nature. It must be pre-cut and faultlessly fitted with no gaps or openings. Very good air and vapor barrier must be fixed in addition to the batts to regulate air movement and moisture. When not well installed, batts will make you pay higher energy bills and leave you with little indoor comfort.

  • Blown Insulation (cellulose/fiberglass)

This kind is a commonly used product in the attic. It is accessible in cellulose or fiberglass. Both offer similar benefits. Blown insulation coats the attic floor and procures a continuous tier of insulation. It can also be mixed with spray foam for cost-effective air sealing and insulation power.

With all things assessed, both cellulose and fiberglass products provide adequate thermal protection at cost-effective rates. Both products are sufficient in the attic as they are mold resistant and fire retardant. When the installation is done, it does not fascinate rodents or insects. For emphasis sake, an air barrier and vapor barrier is expedient.

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